Lazy...and some resolutions

Around this time last year, I started this blog and intended to post regularly. Two of my posts got some attention but the rest were flops or worse, whining.

I'm feeling pretty lazy lately. Lazy on multiple fronts: my side project, work, life, learning, etc.

My side project is in the 80% done, 80% to go phase. Nothing left that needs to be done is easy or interesting to work on. The team isn't well equipped to figure out the business/money/legal side of things but is trying their best. I haven't contributed much on that front because it scares me and I'm struggling to keep myself coding as it is. Reading some legalese is not going to help. Did you know there is a difference between a digital currency and a virtual currency? Yeah, who cares.

Work wise, there is so much uncertainty with the acquisition and going from public to private. Who knows what 2017 holds. I guess that's always the case, so I'm not worried. I'm just finding it difficult to stay motivated in the face of uncertainty. Projects and teams could vanish tomorrow for all I know.

After work, I am so mentally drained from constantly hearing "Yes we know. It's always been that way. We wish we could change it, but you'll get used to it". I have very little fight left in me to improve anything outside my bubble that is growing more and more smaller. Control what I can. Pick your battles. That's what peers always tell me. No one else is choosing to battle for these things though and it sucks. Anyway, day in and day out of that makes me want to come home and watch cartoons and nap. I'm currently really into Regular Show and the old Thundercats. I'm an adult.

I need to learn something new. I keep choosing the Python/Flask/SQLAlchemy/PostgreSQL on Heroku stack for everything. I should at least introduce React to that stack instead of being lazy and going the server-side-templating route like it's 1999.

It's late and I'm getting tired writing this. Here are my resolutions for this year:

  1. Blog at least once per month
  2. Take my wife Tara on more dates
  3. Deliver Cardsphere (my side project) and be awesome to our community
  4. Watch Stranger Things, OA, and Black Mirror
  5. Beat Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, The Last of Us, The Uncharted Collection, Bloodborne, and Tomb Raider on PS4
  6. Get gold in League of Legends
  7. Build a simple application using React
  8. Self host something on EC2 instances instead of using Heroku for everything
  9. Be happy

I'll be back with another blog post soon describing my experiment

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